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Meeting Room Policy

Oregon Trail Library District Meeting Room and Lobby Policy

Approved by OTLD Library Board  9/17/2014                                                                            





The Oregon Trail Library District Lobby areas shall be for library use and library informational displays only.


Meeting Room

The Oregon Trail Library District provides meeting room space at the Oregon Trail Library District Irrigon branch.  The OTLD meeting room may be reserved by any educational or non-profit group, although preference is primarily reserved for Library District programs, meetings and other Library District-sponsored activities, followed by Irrigon City Council use.  Access to the OTLD meeting room is not denied to any person or organization except as stated in the policy.


Educational, non-profit, or government entities may use meeting room space without charge for non-commercial uses such as meetings, lectures, or similar activities whenever a conflict does not exist with District activities. Such events must be free and open to the general public to be eligible for use of the Meeting Room.  No products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold, with the exception of books, CDs and other resources sold at Library District sponsored events. 

Public Meeting Room use does not constitute District endorsement of the beliefs or ideas expressed by organizations using the space. Events or meetings will not be publicized in a manner suggesting library sponsorship or affiliation. The District's name, address, email, or phone number may not be used as the contact information for any meeting except that which is sponsored by the District.


How to Reserve the Meeting Room:

Meeting room reservations may be made by submitting a completed Meeting Room Reservation Request form in-person or by mail. E-mail and phone requests are not accepted.  Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for available periods up to 45 days in advance.  In order to allow maximum access to the room, regular weekly and monthly reservations are not accepted.


Guidelines for using the Meeting Room

The following guidelines must be followed in order to retain meeting room privileges. Failure to comply with the policy will result in withdrawal of room reservation privileges.


Use of the meeting room is not available outside of normal District business hours.


Meeting room applications are reviewed by the Library District Director to ensure they adhere to OTLD policy. The Director may accept or reject requests for meeting rooms under the established policy.

The District reserves the right to preempt room reservations for Library District programs. A minimum of one-week advance notice will be provided to the contact person on file.

Compliance with the District Code of Conduct is required when using the meeting room.

Meetings must not interfere with District operations.  Noise and overcrowding are not permitted.  The District reserves the right to exclude or cancel meeting room activities that may interfere with the library's primary function as a sanctuary for reading, writing and quiet contemplation.


Users are responsible for setting up chairs or tables. Furniture may not be moved from one room to another without staff approval.  All furniture and equipment must be returned to their original locations.

It is the responsibility of the applicant group to provide any necessary equipment for the meeting.  The Library provides access to wireless Internet, which patrons may use with their own computers. Patrons are responsible for configuring their own computers and operating their own equipment.


A telephone line may be available for use but is usable only with a Library-supplied telephone and long distance calls are not permitted.  Applicants must request use of the telephone at the time of placing their reservation.


Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors, or furnishings except at the direction of Library Director.  Activities which the Library Director determines would adversely impact the facility or furnishings will not be allowed.


Advertising, displays, pamphlets and other printed or audiovisual materials may not be displayed or distributed outside the meeting room.


Unauthorized reproduction or public display of any material in the Meeting Room is prohibited if it is not covered by a public performance license for the organization or for which a written waiver of the applicable rights has not first been obtained.  Example: movie showing.


Storage of materials is not provided.


Attendance is limited by the maximum room capacity of 120 people. Meeting organizers are responsible for crowd control.


The representative for any group wishing to book the room must be a responsible adult of at least eighteen years of age. This person shall assume full responsibility for any injury or damage to District property, building, furnishings, artwork, or equipment that results from the group’s use of the facility.


The representative for any group is responsible for ensuring that the group abides by the terms of this policy and any accompanying rules of use. Violation of these terms may result in denial of future access to the space.



When library space is to be used by groups, organizations of students, or others younger than age eighteen, the following number of adults are required for each age group of children:

• Ages 0-2: 2 adults per 4 children

• Age 2: 2 adults per 5 children

• Ages 3-4: 2 adults per 10 children

• Ages 5-17: 2 adults per 15 children


People attending meetings must make their own provisions for child care and supervision. Children under the age of eight must not be left unattended in the library or meeting room.

All OTLD buildings are alcohol and smoke-free facilities. 

Criminal activity is not allowed. 

Refreshments may be served, provided the group cleans the meeting room following the event. Meals may not be cooked or consumed with the exception of Library District sponsored activities. 

Groups are responsible for taking care of the meeting room during their reservation period and are liable for any damage incurred.   After using a meeting room, groups must ensure the room is returned to its original state, including:

o chairs are folded and stored

o tables folded and stored

o kitchenette cleaned

o utensils washed

o faucets turned off (including in restroom); restrooms cleaned as needed

o garbage properly disposed of

o tables wiped off after meetings with food, beverages, or crafts activity

o room vacuumed, if necessary


The District reserves the right to exclude or cancel meeting room activities when group has defaulted on proper cleaning of meeting room on more than two occasions.  

The District does not assume liability for personal injuries, nor does it assume liability for damage or theft of personal property which occur as a result of the actions of the sponsors or participants in meetings scheduled in District facilities.  A certificate of insurance is required upon scheduling approval of the meeting room.


Groups must provide reasonable ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) services such as American Sign Language interpreters, a reader during the meeting, and/or large print copies of the agenda when requested, provided the requestor has a certified disability and the request is made at least 48 hours in advance. 

Canceling a reservation may be done by contacting an OTLD staff member.  Groups which default on more than two reservations without prior notification to the District will forfeit standing reservations.



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