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Public Records Policy

Public Records Policy



As it values transparency, Oregon Trail Library District fully complies with the Oregon Public Records Law. Every person has a right, guaranteed by the Oregon Public Records Law, to inspect any non-exempt public record held by the District. The public may request to view District records that are not exempt per the Oregon Public Records Law and other District policies.


The District follows the records retention schedule established for special districts by the Oregon State Archives. The District has records both electronically and in analog. However, the District prefers to retain records in digital formats using open and archival-quality standards.


The Library Director is the District's custodian of records and is the only party authorized to receive or comply with public records requests or inquiries from courts or law enforcement agencies.


To best connect the requester with the records s/he seeks, requests to review records should be made in writing. Ideally, the request should include the records requested with date(s), subject matter, and any other relevant details. The request should also specify in what format the records are desired (e.g. electronic or analog). A written response to the request will be given in 7 business days by the OTLD Library Director.


The District aims to provide access to records by whatever method is most convenient for the requester, ideally without cost to him/her. Whenever possible, the District will supply records electronically. If electronic records are unavailable or infeasible to transmit, analog records may be viewed and copied at any of the District's branch libraries during regular public open hours. Most records are kept at the Boardman branch, so individuals wishing to view records at another location should state as such in their requests. If the requester would like to review analog records, they may be viewed at OTLD Boardman Branch unless it can be easily copied and transmitted to a different branch. Depending on the nature of the request, the District may require the review to take place with a District representative present. Any research fees (see below) must be paid in advance. Additional fees may be charged if District staff presence is required during the review, which shall equal the rate for research fees. Original records shall not be removed from the District's locations unless authorized by the Library Director or Board of Directors. If any person attempts to alter, remove, or destroy any District record, the District representative shall immediately terminate such person’s review and notify the District's legal counsel.


The District will attempt to provide records without cost to the requester. However, some requests may require copying or significant amounts of staff time. In order to recover its costs for such requests, the District may charge fees associated with searching for and copying records. Library Director may waive these fees at his/her discretion. Fees shall be limited to no more than $50.00 unless the requester is provided with written notification of the estimated amount of the fee and the requester confirms that s/he wants the District to proceed.

Fees are as follows:

      Paper copies or printouts: $0.15 per side for black and white or $0.50 per side for color.

      Copies of nonstandard materials (e.g. maps, videos, sounds recordings): Fees shall be the actual costs incurred by the District plus staff time used to obtain them.

      Research fees: If a request requires District personnel to spend more than fifteen minutes searching or reviewing records prior to their review or release for copying, the fee shall be $50.00 per hour, charged in fifteen minute increments, for any time spent over fifteen minutes. The District shall estimate the total amount of time required to respond to the records request and must be paid in advance before the search will proceed. If the actual time and costs are less than estimated, the excess money shall be refunded to the requester. If the actual time and costs are in excess of the estimated time, the difference shall be paid by the requester when the records are produced.

      Additional charges: If a request is of such magnitude and nature that compliance would disrupt the District's normal operation, the District may impose such additional charges as are necessary to reimburse for its actual costs of producing the records.


Per the District's Privacy Policy, some District records in addition to those delineated in the Oregon Public Records Law are exempt from disclosure or destroyed once they are no longer necessary for District operations. These records include circulation records, records showing use of the District's computer networks, and other records containing personally-identifiable information about the District's patrons and their library use.


Approved by the OTLD Board of Directors January 20, 2016

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